Threaded coupling connection, Ø60–114 mm



Lift string, production string, liners, tail pipes, water injection, steam-injection wells



T100 is a gas tight coupling connection for tubing with a patented cone-to-cone seal profile.



In oil and gas wells, the T100 thread connection ensures gas tightness under the following ultimate loads:

  • External pressure—100% as per API5C3;
  • Internal pressure—100% of pipe body;
  • Tensile load—100% of pipe body;
  • Compressive load—60% of pipe body;
  • Dogleg severity—up to 40°/100 ft

(depending on the standard size).


  • Hydrostatic internal pressure testing; static gas (nitrogen) internal pressure testing for gas tightness; dynamic (thermal cycling) testing for gas tightness comprising 100 cycles of changing water temperature in a test bath from +20 to +90°С (with bending load of 3.3°/10 m), Gazprom VNIIGAZ OOO, Moscow.
  • Bench leak testing of corrosion-resistant and cold-resistant pipes, Gazprom VNIIGAZ OOO, Moscow;
  • Bench testing (static and dynamic) in helium- and nitrogen-rich environments in a test bath under bending load of 3.3°/10 m, Gazprom VNIIGAZ OOO, Moscow;
  • Bench leak testing by internal pressure of corrosive medium containing up to 6% of H2S and CO2 under combined bending load of 6°/10 m and 12°/10 m, Gazprom VNIIGAZ OOO, Moscow.


  • Patented seal profile providing the retention of gas tightness under combined and reversal loads;
  • Trapezoidal thread profile combined with optimized design of the seal and shoulder providing the retention of gas tightness under dogleg severity of up to 40°/100 ft;
  • Pocket for spreading the excessive thread-sealing grease;
  • Internal flushness

ChelPipe Prime T100. Technical data sheet (working connection only)

ChelPipe Prime T100. Strength properties of pipes

ChelPipe Prime T100, Make-up torques