DP-MASTER ST connections is a high-quality well-known and globally used equivalent of double-shoulder pin-box API connections.

DPM-ST equipment has been efficiently and successfully used in deepwater conditions and other remote and aggressive environments, meeting the most complicated drilling challenges.

DPM-ST connections are designed for inclined, horizontal, deepwater, and extended-reach wells, for high-temperature or high-pressure environments, for acid conditions.

The design of DPM-ST connections is based on the correlation between the cross-sectional area of both pin and box with torsional strength and on the principle of evolution of DPM-DS and DMP-MT connections.

Features and advantages

  • High torsional strength
    The torsional strength significantly exceeding that of DPM-DS and DPM-MT and suitable for high-torque applications.
  • Long service life and high strength
    Materials are made of a unique alloy with optimized heat treatment. The quality is proven by long-term use of DPM-DS and DPM-MT connections. The gripping quality is improved due to the tapered shape of the pin.
  • Competitive price of high-quality connections
    Professional and efficient work of DP-Master equipment suppliers provides for the delivery of products at relatively low prices at any convenient time.
  • Interconnectivity with other third-generation connections

Torsional test by reputable engineering company

Stress Engineering Services Inc. in Houston performed a rigorous torsional test in the result of which DPM-ST equipment has been highly appraised by experts.

Streamlined body

The streamlined shape of DPM-ST connection allows for the pipe to penetrate the narrowest holes.

The smooth internal bore at the secondary shoulder provides unhampered flow with minimum turbulence and minimum energy loss, which improves the hydraulic parameters.

Increased fatigue resistance

DPM-ST connections are cold-rolled to increase fatigue resistance and minimize crack occurrence.

Improved quality of connections make-up

Enhanced shape making the gripping process easier.